"My precious"

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Well what did ya expect in an opera, a happy ending?

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Sherlock, it’s not the same a solving a murder.

I know John, it’s much more simple, sit down and hold still.

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angiefsutton said ((7 months ago)): Oh, you know what *I*’m going to ask: Steampunk Sherlock/John, baby. ;-)


Some of these are really deep and others make me wonder what this guy is on


I made an old lady blush today at work because she ordered two senior coffees and I said “SENIOR ? I’m sorry miss, i’m going to have to ask to see some ID.” and she covered her mouth and went “Oh dear me” and couldn’t stop smiling


I spent two day to make this just so I can draw the first and last panels…


Kiss art challenge (aka. making-Steve-kiss-Bucky-on-and-on series) 1. on the forehead

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Harry Potter Film Concept Art by Adam Brockbank (x)


I’m so impressed by girls who can put together a really cute outfit and do their hair and makeup really nice every single day like if I manage to shower and eat breakfast it’s a damn victory



When I say “please don’t take a picture of me” it’s not because I’m being bitchy and stubborn, it’s because if I see that picture I will seriously feel so bad about myself and think I am the ugliest thing on earth and sink a little deeper into self consciousness and hatred.

thank you

and before anyone says anything about selfies- those are controlled photos. 


Click here for more of Jon Stewart’s coverage of the recent House Committee on Science, Space and Technology hearing.


BBC Sherlock fanart by ののすけ